(Reguidit frae Sultanate)

Sultan (/ˈsʌltən/; Arabic: سلطانsulṭān, pronounced [sʊlˈtˤɑːn, solˈtˤɑːn]) is a noble teetle wi several heestorical meanins. Oreeginally, it wis an Arabic abstract noun meanin "strength", "authority", "rulership", derived frae the verbal noun سلطة sulṭah, meanin "authority" or "pouer". Later, it came tae be uised as the teetle o certain rulers who claimed awmaist full sovereignty in practical terms (i.e., the lack o dependence on ony heicher ruler), albeit wioot claimin the oweraw caliphate, or tae refer tae a pouerful govrenor o a province within the caliphate.