Suez (disambiguation)

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Suez is a seaport toun in north-eastren Egyp. Suez can an aa describe the follaein:

  • Suez (company), a French-based multinaitional corporation
  • Suez (film), a 1938 epic film starrin Tyrone Power an Loretta Young
  • Suez Cement, an Egyptian fitbaa club based in Suez
  • Suez Crisis, a war fought in Egyp in 1956
  • Gulf o Suez, at the northren end o the Red Sea
  • Suez Port, a port locatit at the soothren bundary o Suez Canal
  • Suez Stadium, a multi-uise stadium in Suez
  • Suez Steel, a steel company locatit in Ababia, Egyp
  • Suez triangle, a concept favoured in the poleetical literature o the early 1980s Soviet Bloc

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