Strait o Hormuz

The Strait o Hormuz /hɔːrˈmz/ Persie: تَنگِه هُرمُزTangeh-ye Hormoz, Arabic: مَضيق هُرمُزMaḍīq Hurmuz) is a strait atween the Gulf o Oman an the Persie Gulf. It is the anly sea passage frae the Persie Gulf tae the open ocean an is ane o the warld's maist strategically important choke pynts. On the north coast is Iran, an on the sooth coast is the Unitit Arab Emirates an Musandam, an exclave o Oman. At its narrowest, the strait is 21 nautical mile (39 km) wide.[1]

The Strait o Hormuz (reid arrae) connects the Arabian Sea an Persie Gulf.


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