Stephen, Keeng o Ingland

Stephen (c. 1092/6 – 25 October 1154), eften referred tae as Stephen o Blois, wis a grandson o William the Conqueror. He wis Keeng o Ingland frae 1135 tae his daith, an an aa the Coont o Boulogne in richt o his wife.

Stepan Blois.jpg
Keeng o Ingland (mair...)
Ring22 December 1135 – 25 October 1154
Coronation22 December 1135
PredecessorHenry I or Matilda (disputit)
SuccessorHenry II
Bornc. 1092 or 1096
Blois, Fraunce
Dee'd25 October 1154
Dover, Kent
BuirialFaversham Abbey, Kent
ConsortMatilda I, Coontess o Boulogne
HooseHoose o Blois
FaitherStephen, Coont o Blois
MitherAdela o Normandy