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The Sotho leid, Sesotho (an aa kent as Soothren Sotho, or Soothren Sesotho[5]) is a Soothren Bantu leid o the Sotho-Tswana (S.30) group, spoken primarily in Sooth Africae, whaur it is ane o the 11 offeecial leids, an in Lesotho, whaur it is the naitional leid.

Pronunciation [sɪ̀sʊ́tʰʊ̀]
Native tae Lesotho, Sooth Africae
Ethnicity Basotho
Native speakers
5.6 million (2001–2011)[1]
7.9 million L2 speakers in Sooth Africae (2002)[2]
Laitin (Sotho alphabet)
Sotho Braille
Signed Sotho
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
Sooth Africae
Regulatit bi Pan Sooth African Leid Buird
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 st
ISO 639-2 sot
ISO 639-3 sot
Glottolog sout2807[3]
Linguasphere 99-AUT-ee incl. varieties 99-AUT-eea to 99-AUT-eee


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  5. ,Heestorically an aa Suto, or Suthu, Souto, Sisutho, Sutu, or Sesutu, accordin to the pronunciation o the name.