Sophie o Fraunce

Sophie o Fraunce, Daughter o Fraunce (Sophie Philippine Élisabeth Justine; 27 Julie 1734 – 2 Mairch 1782) wis the saxt daughter an aicht bairn o Louis XV o Fraunce an his wife Marie Leszczyńska. First kent as Madame Cinquième, she later became Madame Sophie. In 1777, Sophie an her sister Marie Adélaïde war gien the title duchess o Louvois bi thair nephew keeng Louis XVI, efter haein jointly acquired an estate o that name. Her nephew Louis XVI named ane o his dochters efter her Sophie Hélène Beatrix o Fraunce.

Sophie o Fraunce
Duchess o Louvois
"Madame Sophie"
Lié-Louis Périn-Salbreux-La Petite Reine.jpg
circa 1770s portrait o Sophie (thought tae have been Marie Antoinette) bi Lié Louis Périn Salbreux.
Born27 Julie 1734(1734-07-27)
Palace o Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd2 Mairch 1782(1782-03-02) (aged 47)
Palace o Versailles, France
BuirialRyal Basilica, Fraunce
Full name
Sophie Philippine Élisabeth Justine de France
HooseBourbons o Fraunce
FaitherLouis XV o Fraunce
MitherMarie Leszczyńska
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
SeegnaturSophie o Fraunce's signature
Lozenge of a "Daughter of France" (Fille de France).svg

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