Sophie Charlotte in Bavarie

Sophie Charlotte, Duchess in Bavarie (Sophie Charlotte Augustine; 23 Februar 1847 – 4 Mey 1897) wis a granddaughter-in-law o Keeng Louis Philippe I o the French, She wis the favourite sister o Empress Elisabeth o Austrick an fiancée o Keeng Ludwig II o Bavarie. She died in a fire at the "Bazar de la Charité" in Paris in 1897

Sophie Charlotte in Bavarie
Duchess o Alençon
Sophie of Bavaria, Duchess of Alençon.jpg
Born23 Februar 1847(1847-02-23)
Possenhofen Castle, Possenhofen,
Dee'd4 Mey 1897(1897-05-04) (aged 50)
17 Jean Goujon Street, Paris, France
BuirialRyal Chaipel, Dreux, Fraunce
SpousePrince Ferdinand, Duke o Alençon
IssueLouise, Princess Alfons o Bavarie
Prince Emmanuel, Duke o Vendôme
Full name
Sophie Charlotte Augustine
FaitherMaximilian Joseph, Duke in Bavarie
MitherPrincess Ludovika o Bavarie


On 28 September 1868 Sophie Charlotte mairit Prince Ferdinand o Orléans, Duke o Alençon in Possenhofen, Bavarie. Prince Ferdinand wis a son o Prince Louis o Orléans, Duke o Nemours an Princess Victoria o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha (a first cousin o the UK's Queen Victoria). His faither wis a son o Keeng Louis Philippe I o the French.


  1. Princess Louise o Orléans 19 Julie 1869 – 4 Februar 1952) mairit Prince Alfons o Bavarie an haed issue.
  2. Prince Emmanuel o Orléans, Duke o Vendôme 18 Januar 1872 – 1 Februar 1931) mairt Princess Henriette o Belgium an haed issue.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 23 Februar 1847 – 28 September 1868 Her Ryal Highness Duchess Sophie Charlotte in Bavarie.
  • 28 September 1868 – 4 Mey 1897 Her Ryal Highness The Duchess o Alençon, Princess o Orléans.

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