Sooth Powl

(Reguidit frae Sooth Pole)

The Sooth Pole, forby kent as the Geographic Sooth Pole or Terrestrial Sooth Pole, is ane o the twa pynts whaur the Yird's axis o rotation intersects its surface. It is the soothrenmaist pynt on the surface o the Yird an lies on the opposite side o the Yird frae the North Pole. Situatit on the continent o Antarctica, it is the steid o the Unitit States Amundsen-Scott Sooth Pole Station, which wis established in 1956 an has been permanently staffed syne that year. The Geographic Sooth Pole should nae be confused wi the Sooth Magnetic Pole, which though geografically nearby, is defined based on the Yird's magnetic field.

1. Sooth Geografic Pole
2. Sooth Magnetic Pole (2007)
3. Sooth Geomagnetic Pole (2005)
4. Sooth Pole o Inaccessibility