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The Sooth Island or Te Waipounamu is the lairger o the twa major islands o New Zealand, the ither bein the smawer but mair populous North Island.

Sooth Island
Te Waipounamu
Nickname: The Mainland
Location Oceanie
Coordinates 43°59′S 170°27′E / 43.983°S 170.450°E / -43.983; 170.450Coordinates: 43°59′S 170°27′E / 43.983°S 170.450°E / -43.983; 170.450
Airchipelagae New Zealand
Aurie 150,437 km2 (58,084 sq mi)
Aurie rank 12th
Lenth 840 km (522 mi)
Coastline 5,842 km (3,630.1 mi)
Heichest elevation 3,754 m (12,316 ft)
Heichest point Aoraki/Moont Cook
New Zealand
ISO 3166-2:NZ NZ-S
Regions 7
Territorial authorities 23
Lairgest settlement Christchurch (pop. 396,700)
Demonym Sooth Islander, Mainlander
Population (June 2017)
Pop. density 7.4 /km2 (19.2 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups European, Māori