The solar wind is a stream o chairged pairticles (a plasma) released frae the upper atmosphere o the Sun. It maistly consists o electrons an protons wi energies uisually atween 1.5 an 10 keV. The stream o pairticles varies in density, temperatur, an speed ower time an ower solar longitude. These pairticles can escape the Sun's gravity acause o thair heich kinetic energy an the heich temperatur o the corona.

The heliospheric current sheet results frae the influence o the Sun's rotatin magnetic field on the plasma in the solar wind.

The solar wind flows ootward supersonically tae great distances, fillin a region kent as the heliosphere, an enormous bubble-lik volume surroondit bi the interstellar medium. Ither relatit phenomena include geomagnetic storms that can knock oot pouer grids on Yird, the aurora (northren an soothren lichts), an the plasma tails o comets that always pynt away frae the Sun.