Solar eclipse 1999 4 NR.jpg
A tot solar eclipse occurs whaur the muin completely covers the sun's disk, as seen in this 1999 solar eclipse. Solar prominences can be seen alang the limb (in reid) as well as extensive coronal filaments.
Annular Eclipse. Taken from Middlegate, Nevada on May 20, 2012.jpg
An annular solar eclipse occurs when the muin is too far away tae completely cover the sun's disk, as seen in this photo frae the solar eclipse o Mey 20, 2012
Partial solar eclipse Oct 23 2014 Minneapolis 5-36pm Ruen1.png
Durin a pairtial solar eclipse the muin blocks anly pairt o the sun's disk, chyngin the appearance o the sun, but itherwise can gang unnoticed, as seen here frae the pairtial eclipse on October 23, 2014

As seen frae the Yird, a solar eclipse is a type o eclipse that occurs when the Muin passes atween the Sun an Yird, an the Muin fully or pairtially blocks ("occults") the Sun.