Skeleton (sport)

Skeleton is a fast winter slidin sport in which an individual person rides a smaa sled doun a frozen track while lyin face doun, during which athletes experience forces up tae 5g. It oreeginatit in St. Moritz, Swisserland, as a spin-off frae the popular Breetish sport o Cresta sleddin.

Brady Canfield skeleton start.jpg
Brady Canfield pushes off at the stairt
Heichest govrenin bodyFédération Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing
First playedLate 19t century, Swisserland
Team members1
CategorizationWinter sport, time trial
VenueSkeleton tracks
OlympicPairt o the Winter Olympic programme in 1928 an 1948
Returned tae the Winter Olympic programme in 2002 tae the day