Simple Minds are a Scots rock baund formed in Glesga in 1977.

Simple Minds
Simple Minds.jpg
Simple Minds performin in Oslo, Norawa, in Februar 2006
Background information
Forby kent asJohnny & The Self-Abusers (1977)
OreiginGlesga, Scotland
Years active1977–present
Associate actsPropaganda
Ex-Simple Minds
MembersJim Kerr
Charlie Burchill
Ged Grimes
Sarah Brown
Gordy Goudie
Cherisse Osei
Past membersBrian McGee
Tony Donald
John Milarky
Allan McNeill
Duncan Barnwell
Mick MacNeil
Derek Forbes
Kenny Hyslop
Mike Ogletree
Mel Gaynor
John Giblin
Eddy Duffy
Andy Gillespie
Catherine AD


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