Sima Qian

Sima Qian (Szu-ma Chien; c. 145 or 135 BC – 86 BC) wis a Cheenese historian o the Han dynasty. He is considered the faither o Cheenese historiografie for his wirk, the Records o the Grand Historian, a Jizhuanti-style (纪传体) general history o Cheenae, coverin mair nor twa thoosand years frae the Yellae Emperor tae his time, durin the reign o Emperor Wu o Han. Altho he wirked as the Court Astrologer (Cheenese: 太史令; Tàishǐ Lìng), later generations refer tae him as the Grand Historian (Cheenese: 太史公; taishigong or tai-shih-kung) for his monumental wirk.

Sima Qian
Sima Qian (painted portrait).jpg
Bornc. 145 or 135 BC
Longmen, Han China (nou Hejin, Shanxi)
Dee'd86 BC
Kent forRecords o the Grand Historian
KinSima Tan (faither)
Sima Qian
Traditional Chinese司馬遷
Simplified Chinese司马迁
Traditional Chinese子長
Simplified Chinese子长