Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious (born John Simon Ritchie,[1] 10 Mey 1957 – 2 Februar 1979) wis an Inglis bassist an vocalist, maist famous as a member o the influential punk rock baund the Sex Pistols.

Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious.jpg
Vicious in Winterland, 14 Januar 1978. This wis the feenal shaw o the oreeginal Sex Pistols’ anerly US tour.
Background information
Birth nameJohn Simon Ritchie[1]
Forby kent as
  • Sid Vicious
  • Spikey John
  • The Prince of Punk
  • John Simon Beverley
Born10 Mey 1957(1957-05-10)
Lewisham, Lunnon, Ingland
Deid2 Februar 1979(1979-02-02) (aged 21)
New York, New York, US
GenresPunk rock
InstrumentsBass guitar, vocals, drums
Years active1976–1979
LabelsVirgin, EMI, A&M
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