Seicont Cooncil o Nicaea

The Seicont Cooncil o Nicaea is recognised as the seivent o the first seiven ecumenical cooncils bi baith Wast an East. Orthodox, Catholics, an Auld Catholics unanimously recognise it; Protestant opinions on it are varied.

Seicont Cooncil o Nicaea
Acceptit biRoman Catholics, Auld Catholics, Eastren Orthodox
Previous cooncil
(Catholic) Third Cooncil o Constantinople
(Orthodox) Quinisext Cooncil
Next cooncil
(Catholic) Fowert Cooncil o Constantinople (Roman Catholic)
(Orthodox) Fowert Cooncil o Constantinople (Eastren Orthodox)
Convoked biConstantine VI an Empress Irene (as regent)
PresesPatriarch Tarasios o Constantinople, legates o Pape Adrian I
Attendance350 (twa papal legates)
Documents an statements
veneration o icons approved
Chronological leet o ecumenical cooncils