Secretar-General o the Unitit Naitions

The Secretar-General o the Unitit Naitions (UNSG), is the heid o the Unitit Naitions Secretariat, ane o the principal organs o the Unitit Naitions.

Secretar-General o Unitit Naitions
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António Guterres 2013.jpg
Portugal António Guterres

since 1 Januar 2017 (2017-01-01)
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceSutton Place
NominatorSecurity Cooncil
AppynterGeneral Assembly
Term length5 years renewable
(tradeetionally leemitit tae 2 terms)
Inaugural holderTrygve Lie
FurmationU.N. Charter, 26 Juin 1945
DeputyJan Eliasson, DSG