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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder chairacterised bi abnormal social behaviour an failyie tae unnerstaund reality.[1]

Specialty Psychiatry, psychology
Symptoms False beliefs, confused thinkin, hearin vyces ithers dae nae[1][2]
Uisual onset Teepically early adultheid[2]
Duration Chronic[2]
Causes Environmental an genetic factors[3]
Risk factors Faimily history, cannabis uise, problems in pregnancy, being raised in a ceety, aulder faither[3]
Diagnostic method Based on observed behaviour, reported experiences, an reports o ithers fameeliar wi the person[4]
Seemilar condeetions Substance misuise, Huntington's disease, muid disorders, autism[5]
Treatment Coonsellin, job trainin[1][3]
Medication Antipsychotics[3]
Prognosis 18–20 years shorter life expectancy[6][7] due tae increases in suicide, hert an lifestyle disease[7]
Frequency ~0.5%[8]
Daiths ~17,000 (2015)[9]


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