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In anatomy, the scapula (plural scapulae or scapulas)[1] or spaul-bane, is the bane that connects the humerus (airm bane) wi the hausebane (clavicle).

shouder blade
Pectoral girdle front diagram.svg
Scapula - posterior view2.png
The upper pictur is an anterior view o the thorax an shouder girdle. The lawer pictur is a posterior view o the thorax (scapula shawn in reid.)
Laitin Scapula
TA A02.4.01.001
FMA 13394
Anatomical terms o bane

The spaul-bane forms the posterior (back) locatit pairt o the shouder girdle. In humans, it is a flat bane, rochly triangular in shape, placed on a posterolateral aspect o the thoracic cage.


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