Sax Naitions Championship

The Sax Naitions Championship (kent as the Guinness Sax Naitions[n 1] for sponsorship raisons) is an annual internaitional rugby union competeetion atween the teams o Ingland, Fraunce, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, an Wales.

Sax Naitions Championship
Current saison or competeetion::
2020 Sax Naitions Championship
Guinness Six Nations.png
The Guinness Six Nations logo
SportRugby union
Institutit1883 (as Hame Naitions Championship)
1910 (as Five Naitions Championship)
2000 (as Sax Naitions Championship)
Nummer o teams6
Kintra Ingland
Hauders Wales (2019)
Maist teetles Wales (39: 27 ootricht, 12 shared teetles)


  1. The French Loi Évin prohibits alcohol sponsorship o sport, sae Guinness daes nae appear in the name thare; the slogan "Sax Naitions Greatness" is uised tae hint at the wird Guinness.[1]


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