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Saunt Petersburg Metro

The Saunt Petersburg Metro (Roushie: Петербу́ргский метрополитен) is the unnergrund railway seestem in Saunt Petersburg an Leningrad Oblast, Roushie.

Saunt Petersburg Metro
Spb metro logo.svg
Metro SPB Line2 Chyornaya rechka.jpg
Locale Saint Petersburg,
Leningrad Oblast, Roushie
Transit type Metro
Nummer o lines 5 (9 planned)
Nummer o stations 67 (126 planned)
Daily ridership 2.14 million
Annual ridership 783.9 million (2012)
Chief executive V.A. Garyugin
Began operation 1955
Operator(s) Peterburgsky Metropoliten
Seestem length 113.2 km (70.3 mi)
Track gauge 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in)
Electrification 850 V DC third rail[1]
Average speed 40 km/h (25 mph)


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