Lucia o Syracuse (283–304), an aw kent as Saunt Lucy or Saunt Lucia (Laitin: Sancta Lucia), wis a Christian mairtyr that dee'd in the Diocletianic Persecution.

Saunt Lucy or Saunt Lucia
Niccolò di Segna - Saint Lucy - Walters 37756.jpg
Saunt Lucy, bi Niccolò di Segna mid 14t-century Sienese pentin, circa 1340. The saunt haulds the dagger wi that she wis ultimately executit an the lamp, her attribute.
Virgin and Martyr
Bornc. 283[1]
Syracuse, Roman Empire
Syracuse, Wastren Roman Empire
Veneratit in
Major shrineSan Geremia, Venice
Attributescord; een; een on a dish; lamp; swuirds; weeman hitched tae a yoke o owsen; weeman in the company o Saunt Agatha, Saunt Agnes o Roum, Barbara, Catherine o Alexandria, an Saunt Thecla; wumman kneelin afore the tomb o Saunt Agatha
PatronageThe blind; mairtyrs; Perugia, Italy; Mtarfa, Maltae; epidemics; salesmen; Syracuse, Italy; thrait infections; writers; Sasmuan, Pampanga Philippines


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