Samuel Hahnemann

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (German: [ˈhaːnəman]; 10 Apryle 1755[1] – 2 Julie 1843) wis a German physeecian, best kent for creautin the seestem o alternative medicine cried homeopathy.

Samuel Hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann 1841.jpg
A daguerroteep o Samuel Hahnemann in 1841
Born10 Apryle 1755(1755-04-10)
Meissen, Electorate o Saxony
Died2 Julie 1843(1843-07-02) (aged 88)
Paris, Fraunce
Scientific career
FieldsHomeopathy, Allopathy


  1. Tho some soorces dae state that he wis born in the early oors o 11 Apryle 1755, Haehl, Richard (1922). Samuel Hahnemann his Life and Works. 1. p. 9. Hahnemann, was born on 10 April at approximately twelve o'clock midnight.