Sápmi (Northren Sami: [ˈsaʔmi]), commonly kent as Lapland, is the cultural region tradeetionally inhabitit bi the Sami fowk, tradeetionally kent as Lapps.

Border Norway Sweden Finland Russia
Corrected Sapmi in Europe.PNG
Sápmi in Europe
Naitional anthem Sámi soga lávlla (Sang o the Sami fowk).
Naitional day 6 Februar (Sami Naitional Day).
Leids Sami leids, Norse, Swadish, Finnish, Meänkieli, Kven, Roushie
Aurie Approx. 400,000 km2 (150,000 sq mi)
Population Aboot 2,000,000 tot

* = Includes minorities.

Independence None¹
Time zone UTC +1 to +3
¹ Integratit pairts o Norawa, Swaden, Finland an Roushie respectively, but wi varyin degrees o autonomy for the Sami population.

Coordinates: 68°N 20°E / 68°N 20°E / 68; 20