Ryal Alcázar o Madrid

The Ryal Alcázar o Madrid (Spaingie: Real Alcázar de Madrid) wis a fortress located at the site o today's Ryal Pailace o Madrid, Madrid, Spain. The structure wis originally built in the second half o the 9t century, then extended an enlarged over the centuries, particularly after 1560. It wis at this time that the fortress wis convertit tae a ryal pailace, an Madrid became the capital o the Spaingie Empire. Despite being a pailace, the great biggin kept its original teetle o Alcázar (Inglis: "fortress").

the Ryal Alcázar circa 1710.
Floorplan o the Ryal Alcázar.

The first extension to the building wis commissioned bi Keeng Carlos I (Charles V, Haly Roman Emperor) an completit in 1537. Its exterior wis constructit bi the architect Juan Gómez de Mora in 1636 on a commission frae King Felipe IV. As famous for its artistic treasures as it is for its unusual architecture, it wis the residence of the Spaingie Ryal Faimlie an home o the Coort, until its destruction bi fire during the reign o [[King Felipe V (the first Bourbon keeng o Spain), on Yuil E'en 1734. Many artistic treasures were lost, including over 500 paintings. Other works, such as Las Meninas bi Velázquez, were saved. Efter the fire wis extinguished, the biggin wis reduced tae rubble. The walls which remained were demolished, due tae the extent o the damage. In 1738, fower years efter the fire, King Felipe V ordered the construction o the current Ryal Pailace o Madrid, which spanned three decades. The new biggin wis used as a residence for the first time in 1764, bi Keeng Carlos III.

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