Ryal Observatory, Greenwich

The Ryal Observatory, Greenwich (Inglis: Royal Observatory kent as the Ryal Greenwich Observatory or RGO when the wirkin institution muived frae Greenwich tae Herstmonceux efter Warld War II) is an observatory situatit on a hill in Greenwich Park, owerleukin the River Thames. It played a major role in the history o astronomy an navigation, an is best kent as the location o the prime meridian.

Royal Observatory
Royal observatory greenwich.jpg
Royal Observatory, Greenwich. A time baw sits atap the Octagon Room.
Alternative namesRoyal Greenwich Observatory Edit this at Wikidata
Observatory code 000 Edit this on Wikidata
LocationGreenwich, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Unitit Kinrick Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates51°28′40″N 0°00′05″W / 51.4778°N 0.0014°W / 51.4778; -0.0014Coordinates: 51°28′40″N 0°00′05″W / 51.4778°N 0.0014°W / 51.4778; -0.0014
Wabsteidwww.rmg.co.uk/royal-observatory/ Edit this at Wikidata
TelescopesAltazimuth Pavilion At The Royal Observatory Edit this on Wikidata
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Flamsteed Hoose in 1824