The Rosette Nebula (an aa kent as Caldwell 49) is a lairge, spherical (circular in appearance), H II region locatit near ane end o a giant molecular clood in the Monoceros region o the Milky Way Galaxy.

Rosette Nebula
Emission nebula
H II region
NGC 2244 Rosette Nebula.jpg
The Rosette Nebula (H-Alpha + RGB)
Observation data: J2000.0 epoch
Richt ascension06h 33m 45s[1]
Declination+04° 59′ 54″[1]
Distance5,200[2] ly   (1,600 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V)9.0
Apparent dimensions (V)1.3 °
Physical characteristics
Radius65 ly
Notable featursMultipart nebula
DesignationsSH 2-275,[1] CTB 21,[1] Caldwell 49
See also: Leets o nebulae


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