Roger Hector de Pardaillan, Marquis o Antin

Roger Hector de Pardaillan, Marquis o Antin (birth date unknown - before 1661) wis a french nobleman an Marquis. He wis known as the Marquis o Antin[2] His eldest son wis Louis Henri, "Marquis o Montespan" the husband o Françoise de Rochechouart (later a mistress o Louis XIV. He wis the Marquis o Antin as well as the Marquis o Gondrin an o Montespan. He also inherited propert frae his mither. He wis also the Coont o Miélan.

Roger Hector de Pardaillan
Marquis o Antin[1]
Crown of a Marquis of France (variant).svg
Blason de la famille de Pardaillan de Gondrin.svg
Coat o arms o the Marquis.
Full name
Roger Hector de Pardaillan
Gascony, Fraunce
Dee'dbefore 1661
Spoose(s)Marie Christine Zamet
Louis Henri, Marquis o Montespan
Henri. Marquis o Antin
Just, Coont o Miélan
"Chevalier de Gondrin"
FaitherAntoine Arnaud de Pardaillan
MitherPaule de Saint Lary


He wis a son o Antoine Arnaud de Pardaillan, Marquis o Antin an Paule de Saint Lary.


In Juin 1635 he mairit Marie Christine Zamet, only dochter an heiress o Jean Zamet. They haed four childer.


  1. Louis Henri de Pardaillan, Marquis o Montespan (1640 – 1 December 1691) mairit Françoise de Rochechouart[3] an haed childer.
  2. Henri de Pardaillan, Marquis o Antin (birth date unknown) died in a duel in 1663.
  3. Just de Pardaillan, Coont o Miélan (birth date unknown) died in battle.[4]
  4. Unamed son called the "Chevalier de Gondrin" (birth date un known) at the siege o Mardick.[4]

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