RoboCop is a 1987 American science feection action film directit bi Paul Verhoeven an written bi Edward Neumeier an Michael Miner. The film stars Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O'Herlihy, Kurtwood Smith, Miguel Ferrer, an Ronny Cox. Set in a creeme-ridden Detroit, Michigan, in the near futur, RoboCop centers on polis officer Alex Murphy (Weller) who is brutally murthert bi a gang o creeminals an subsequently revivit bi the malevolent mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) as a superhuman cyborg law enforcer kent as "RoboCop".

Directit biPaul Verhoeven
Produced biArne Schmidt
Written biEdward Neumeier
Michael Miner
StarninPeter Weller
Nancy Allen
Dan O'Herlihy
Ronny Cox
Kurtwood Smith
Miguel Ferrer
Muisic biBasil Poledouris
CinematographyJost Vacano
Eeditit biFrank J. Urioste
Distributit biOrion Pictures
Release date
  • 17 Julie 1987 (1987-07-17)
Rinnin time
102 minutes
KintraUnitit States
Budget$13 million[1]
Box office$53,424,681[1]


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