Sir Robert Moray (alternative spellins: Murrey, Murray) (1608 or 1609 – 4 Julie 1673) wis a Scots sodger, statesman, diplomat, juidge, spy, freemason an naitural filosofer.

Sir Robert Moray
Born1608 or 1609
birthplace unknown (probably Craigie, Perthshire)
ResidenceScotland, France, Ingland, Bavarir, Netherlands, Flanders
Alma materVarsity o St Andras (disputit)
possibly a varsity in Fraunce
Kent forpersuadit Charles II tae grant the Ryal Society a ryal chairter
Scientific career
Fieldschemistry, magnetism, metallurgy, meeneralogy, naitural history, pharmacology, applee'd technology (fishin, lummerin, minin, shipbiggin, watermills, windmills)
InfluencesCebes, Constantijn Huygens
InfluencedAlexander Bruce, James Gregory, Christiaan Huygens, Thomas Vaughan
fluent in French, German, Dutch an Italian, Moray conductit a vast correspondence wi the scienteefic commonty ootthrou wastren Europe an North Americae; eften resolvin disputes wi his diplomatic skills