Robert Chambers (publisher, born 1802)

Robert Chambers FRSE FGS (/ˈtʃmbərz/; 10 Julie 1802 – 17 Mairch 1871)[1] wis a Scots publisher, geologist, evolutionar thinker, author an jurnal eeditor that, lik his elder brither an business pairtner William Chambers, wis heichly influential in mid-19t century scienteefic an poleetical circles.

Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers, publisher, ca1863.jpg
Robert Chambers
Born10 Julie 1802
Peebles, Peeblesshire, Scotland
Dee'd17 March 1871 (1871-03-18) (aged 68)
St Andras, Fife, Scotland
Restin placeSt Regulus Chapel, St Andras
ThriftCo-foonder an pairtner, W & R Chambers, publisher, Edinburgh
CeetizenshipUnitit Kinrick
EddicationThe High School, Edinburgh
Notable warksTraditions of Edinburgh (1824)
The Picture of Scotland (1827)
Histories of the Rebellions in Scotland
Vestiges of Creation (1844)
Ancient Sea-margins (1848)
SpooseTwice mairied
BairnsSon: Robert Chambers (1832–88)
RelativesMither: Jean Gibson
brother: William Chambers (1800–83)
Granddauchter: Violet Tweedale


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