The River Severn (Welsh: Afon Hafren, Laitin: Sabrina) is the langest river in the Unitit Kinrick, at aboot 220 mile (354 km).[3][4] It rises at an altitude o 2,001 feet (610 m) on Plynlimon, close tae the Ceredigion/Powys border near Llanidloes, in the Cambrian Moontains o mid Wales. It then flows throu Shropshire, Worcestershire an Gloucestershire, wi the coonty touns o Shrewsbury, Worcester an Gloucester on its banks. Wi an average dischairge o 107 m3/s (3,800 cu ft/s) at Apperley, Gloucestershire, the Severn is the greatest river in terms o watter flow in Ingland an Wales.

River Severn
Welsh: Afon Hafren, Laitin: Sabrina
The Severn at Shrewsbury frae Shrewsbury Castle.
Kintras Unitit Kinrick, (Wales, Ingland)
Regions Mid Wales, Wast Midlands, Sooth Wast
Coonties Powys, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire
 - left Vyrnwy, Tern, Stour, Warwickshire Avon, Bristol Avon
 - right Teme, Leadon, Wye
Ceeties Shrewsbury, Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol
Laundmerks Ironbridge Gorge, Severn Valley, Severn bore, Severn crossin
 - location Plynlimon, Ceredigion, Wales
 - elevation 610 m (2,001 ft)
 - coordinates 52°29′36″N 3°44′04″W / 52.493465°N 3.734578°W / 52.493465; -3.734578
Mooth Severn Estuary
 - location Bristol Channel, Unitit Kinrick
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Lenth 354 km (220 mi)
Basin 11,420 km2 (4,409 sq mi)
Discharge for Bewdley, Worcs. SO 7815 7622
 - average 61.17 m3/s (2,160 cu ft/s) [1]
 - max 533.48 m3/s (18,840 cu ft/s) max recorded on 1947-03-21[2]
Tributaries (licht blue) an major settlements on and near the Severn (bold blue)


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