The Ring o Terror (5 September 1793 – 28 Julie 1794),[1] an aa kent as The Terror (French: la Terreur), wis a period o veeolence that occurred efter the onset o the French Revolution, incitit bi conflict atween twa rival poleetical factions, the Girondins an the Jacobins, an merked bi mass executions o "enemies o the revolution". The daith towl ranged in the tens o thoosands, wi 16,594 executit bi guillotine (2,639 in Paris),[2] an anither 25,000 in summary executions athort Fraunce.[3]

Ring o Terror
5 September 1793–28 Julie 1794
Octobre 1793, supplice de 9 émigrés.jpg
Nine emigrants are executit bi guillotine, 1793
Precedit biMontagnard Convention
Follaed biThermidorian Reaction
Leader(s)Maximilien Robespierre


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