Pailace o Ribeira

(Reguidit frae Ribeira Pailace)
French drawing of the Palace of Ribeira.jpg

The Pailace o Ribeira or cried the Ribeira Pailace (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʀiˈbɐi̯ɾɐ]; Portuguese: Paço da Ribeira) wis the main residence o the Keengs o Portugal, in Lisbon, for around 250 years. Its construction wis ordered bi Keeng Manuel I o Portugal when he found the Ryal Alcáçova o São Jorge unsuitable. The pailace complex underwent numerous reconstructions an reconfigurations frae the original Manueline design, ending with its final Mannerist an Baroque form.

The pialace, as well along with most o the ceety o Lisbon, wis destroyed in the 1755 Lisbon yirdquauk. After the yirdquauk, the reigning monarch, Keeng José I, suffered frae claustrophobia an chose tae live the rest o his life in a group o pavilions in the hills o Ajuda, an thus the palace wis niver rebuilt.

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