Rev. Professor H. M. B. Reid

Henry Martyn Beckwith Reid (1856-1927) wis born in Glesga. The faimily movit tae Dundee when his faither became the prison chaplain to H M Prison there. He was educatit at Dundee High Schule and the University o St Andrews. He wis licensed in 1879 and wis assistant minister in Anderston Parish Kirk and then at Glesga Cathedral. He was ordaint minister in 1883, o Balmaghie Parish, Kirkcoubrieshire in Gallowa , a post he held for twenty years. [1] In 1903 he wis appointit tae the Chair o Divinity at the University o Glesga. [2]

Rev. Professor H. M. B. Reid (1856-1927)
"The Kirk Above Dee Water", Balmaghie Kirk, c. 1880s

His publisht wirks include -

"About Galloway Folk,"

"The Kirk above Dee Water", [3]

"Lost Habits of the Religious Life,"

"Books that help the Religious Life,"

"A Cameronian Apostle".

"The Kirk Above Dee Water ", 1895


  3. Reid, H.M.B (1895). The Kirk above Dee Water. Adam Rae: Castle Douglas.