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Notre-Dame de Reims (Oor Lady o Reims) is the seat o the Airchdiocese o Reims, whaur the keengs o Fraunce wur crowned.[1]

Oor Lady o Reims
Notre-Dame de Reims
Reims Kathedrale.jpg
Façade o the Notre-Dame de Reims
Basic information
Location Reims, Fraunce
Geografic coordinates 49°15′13″N 4°02′03″E / 49.25361°N 4.03417°E / 49.25361; 4.03417Coordinates: 49°15′13″N 4°02′03″E / 49.25361°N 4.03417°E / 49.25361; 4.03417
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Archdiocese o Reims
Region Champagne-Ardenne
Kintra Fraunce
Ecclesiastical or organisational status Cathedral
Status Active
Heritage designation 1862, 1991
Architectural description
Airchitectural teep Kirk
Airchitectural style French Gothic
Grundbrakkin 1211 (1211)
Completit 1275 (1275)
Offeecial name: Cathedral o Notre-Dame, Umwhile Abbey o Saint-Remi an Palace of Tau, Reims
Teep Cultural
Criterie i, ii, vi
Designatit 1991
Reference no. 601
State Party  Fraunce
Region Europe an North Americae
Session 15t


  1. The last coronation wis that o Charles X, on 29 Mey 1825.