Radomyshl (Ukrainian: Радомишль, translit., Radomyshl’) is a historic ceety in the Zhytomyr Oblast (province) o northren Ukraine. It is the admeenistrative centre o the Radomyshl Raion (destrict), an is locatit on the left bank o Teteriv River, a richt tributar of Dnieper River.

The current estimatit population is aroond 15,300 (as of 2001).

Syne 1150, it wis kent as Mychesk, an renamit unner Pols admeenistration tae Radomyśl, an efter the Warld War II tae the current name.

Radomyshyl wis historically a centre o Jewish dounset. In the year 1797 a total o 1,424 fowk or 80% o the total population wur Jewish. In 1847 it haed increased tae 2,734 an it further increased tae 7,502 (67%) in 1897. In 1910 Radomyshl haed a Talmud-Torah an five Jewish schuils. In 1919 durin the Roushie Ceevil War a pogrom bi militants unner ataman Sokolovsky struck the commonty. Mony wur massacred an ithers fled. In 1921 Radomyshl Synagogue wis burned doun. Bi 1926 the Jewish population haed declined tae 4,637 (36% o the total population). Durin the German invasion the remainin Jews wur massacred, an sax mass graves hae been discovered in the aurie. Anerly 250 Jews remained bi 1970.[1][2]

Nouadays Radomyshl is kent maistly bi the Museum o Ukrainian hame icons locatit in Radomysl Castle. It's a private museum foondit bi Olga Bogomolets, MD.[3]

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