Rachel Hadley Reese (born 1964/1965[1]) is a New Zealand local-bouk politeecian. She is the mayor o Nelson, haein been electit in October 2013.[2] Her election made her Nelson's first female mayor.[3]

Rachel Reese
Rachel wiki pic.jpg
Reese in 2010
29t Mayor o Nelson
Assumed office
Precedit biAldo Miccio
Personal details
BornRachel Hadley Reese
1964/1965 (age 54–55)
Mosgiel, New Zealand
Domestic partnerRichard Harden
Alma materVarsity o Otago

Early lifeEedit

Reese wis born in Mosgiel an grew up in Dunedin.[4] She attendit St Hilda's Collegiate School, leavin at agit 16 tae enter the Varsity o Otago frae whaur she graduatit wi a commerce degree at age 19.[4] She haes syne wirkit in Mount Isa an Melbourne in Australie, as well as in Auckland. She muivit tae Nelson in aboot 1997, her faimily haein connections in the aurie, wi her parents awnin property on Arapaoa Island in the Marlborough Sounds.[4]

Poleetical careerEedit

Reese wis first electit tae the Nelson City Council in 2007.[5] She wis again electit in 2010 when she became deputy mayor, luisin the mayoral race tae Aldo Miccio wi 4722 votes tae his 6077.[6][7] In 2013 she wis electit mayor, beatin Miccio bi 7477 votes tae 6048 in a 48.74% voter turnoot.[3][8]

Personal lifeEedit

Reese shares her faimily life wi Inglis-born umwhille cricketer, Richard Harden. They hae three childer atween thaim.[7]


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Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Aldo Miccio
Mayor o Nelson
2013 – present