Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan (c. 340–278 BC)[1][2][3] wis a Cheenese poet an meenister wha lived during the Warrin States period o auncient Cheenae. He is kent for his patriotism an contreibutions tae clessical poetry an verses, especially throu the poems o the Chu Ci anthology (kent as The Sangs o the Sooth or Sangs o Chu an aw): a volume o poems attributit tae or conseedert tae be inspired bi his verse writin. Thegither wi the Shi Jing, the Chu Ci is ane o the twa great collections o auncient Cheenese verse. He is remembered as the supposed origin o the Dragon Boat Festival an aw.

Qu Yuan
Qu Yuan Chen Hongshou 2.jpg
Portrait o Qu Yuan bi Chen Hongshou (17t century)
Bornc. 340 BC
State o Chu, in modren Hubei, China
Dee'd278 BC
Miluo River
ThriftPoet, govrenment meenister
Qu Yuan
Qu Yuan (Chinese characters).svg
"Qu Yuan" in auncient seal script (tap) an regular (bottom) Cheenese chairacters