Princess Therese o Bavarie

Princess Therese o Bavarie (Therese Charlotte Marianne Auguste; 12 November 1850 – 19 December 1925) wis a Princess o the Kinrick o Bavarie, an a ethnologist, zoologist, botanist, travel writer an leader in social care. Princess Therese wis the third bairn an anly dochter o Luitpold, Prince Regent o Bavarie, an o his wife Airchduchess Auguste Ferdinande o Austrick. She wis a sister o the future Ludwig III o Bavarie.

Princess Therese
Princess o Bavarie
Princess Therese of Bavaria (1850-1925).jpg
Born12 November 1850(1850-11-12)
Dee'd19 December 1925(1925-12-19) (aged 75)
FaitherLuitpold, Prince Regent o Bavarie
MitherAirchduchess Auguste Ferdinande o Austrick

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