Princess Maria Luisa o Savoy (1729–1767)

Princess Maria Luisa o Savoy (Maria Luisa Gabriella; 25 Mairch 1729 – 22 Juin 1767) was a princess o Savoy. She wis named efter her aunt, Maria Luisa Gabriella o Savoy (1688–1714) wha wis Queen o Spain as wife o Philip V o Spain. Her maternal cousins included Victor Amadeo, Prince o Carignan an his younger sister the future princesse de Lamballe, both o whom were born at the coort o Savoy. Her paternal cousins included Ferdinand VI o Spain, Youngest son o Maria Luisa, Queen o Spain, wha wis keeng o Spain at the time o her birth.

Princess Maria Luisa
Portrait of a noblewoman, possibly Maria Louisa Gabriela of Savoy.jpg
Born25 Mairch 1729(1729-03-25)
Royal Palace of Turin, Turin
Dee'd22 Juin 1767(1767-06-22) (aged 38)
Rome, Italy
BuirialRyal Basilica, Turin
Full name
Maria Luisa Gabriela di Savoia
FaitherCharles Emmanuel III o Sardinie
MitherPolyxena o Hesse-Rotenburg

Possible mairiageEedit

Like her aulder sister, Eleonora, Maria Luisa wis a proposed bride for Louis, Dauphin o France. The Dauphin wis the auldest son o Louis XV o Fraunce wha in turn wis her first cousin.Louis XV's mither Maria Adelaide wis her aunt an the auldest sister o Eleonora's faither Charles Emmanuel III. The mairiage atween linking the rulers o Fraunce an Savoy niver materialised, Louis wud mairy an Infanta o Spain.

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