Princess Maria Gabriella o Savoy

Princess Maria Gabriella o Savoy (Maria Gabriella Giuseppa Aldegonda Adelaide Ludovica Felicita Gennara; born 24 Februar 1940) is the middle dochter o Italy's last keeng, Umberto II, an Marie José o Belgium, cried the "Mey Queen", an a sister o a pretender tae thair faither's throne, Vittorio Emanuele, Prince o Naples. She is a writer.

Maria Gabriella
Princess o Savoy
Maria Gabriella of Savoy 1960.jpg
Maria Gabriella o Savoy in 1960.
Born (1940-02-24) 24 Februar 1940 (age 82)
Naples, Italy
SpouseRobert Zellinger de Balkany
(m. 1969; div. 1990)
IssueMarie Elizabeth Zellinger de Balkany
Full name
Maria Gabriella Giuseppa Aldegonda Adelaide Ludovica Felicità Gennara di Savoia
FaitherUmberto II o Italy
MitherMarie José o Belgium


She wis a possible bridefor Mohammad Reza Pahlavi buta union niver occured. Insteid she mairit Robert Zellinger de Balkany on 12 Februar 1969 in Sainte-Mesme. The religious wedding wis celebratit later on 21 Juin 1969 at Eze-sur-Mer. The couple separated in 1976 an divorced in November 1990.


  1. Marie Elizabeth Zellinger de Balkany (born 2 Mairch 1972) mairit Olivier Janssens an haes issue.