Princess Luise Dorothea o Proushie

Princess Luise Dorothea o Proushie (Luise Dorothea Sophie; 29 September 1680 – 23 December 1705) wis Hereditary Princess o Hesse-Kassel bi mairiage tae Frederick, Hereditary Prince o Hesse-Kassel. She wis the dochter o Frederick I, First Keeng in Proushie bi his first wife Elisabeth Henriette o Hesse-Kassel. She died in childbirth.

Luise Dorothea o Proushie
Hereditary Princess o Hesse-Kassel
Lovisa Dorotea Sofia, 1680-1705, prinsessa av Preussen (Herman Hendrik Quiter d.y.) - Nationalmuseum - 15849.tif
Born29 September 1680(1680-09-29)
Stadtschloss, Berlin
Dee'd23 December 1705(1705-12-23) (aged 25)
SpouseFriedrich, Hereditary Prince o Hesse-Kassel (m. 1700)
FaitherFrederick I o Proushie
MitherElisabeth Henriette o Hesse-Kassel


Princess Luise Dorothea wis mairit in Berlin 31 Mey 1700 in a grand ceremony which tuk place during several weeks to great costs. Conrad Mel wrote Font Legatio orientalis at the occasion. Thay haed nae surviving issue.