Princess Katherina o Württemberg

Princess Katharina o Württemberg (24 August 1821 – 6 December 1898) wis a dochter o William I o Württemberg an Pauline Therese o Württemberg.

Princess Katharina
Princess Friedrich o Württemberg
Prinzessin Katharina von Württemberg (1821-1898).jpg
Born24 August 1821(1821-08-24)
Stuttgart, Württemberg
Dee'd6 December 1898(1898-12-06) (aged 77)
Stuttgart, Württemberg
SpousePrince Frederick o Württemberg (m. 1845; d. 1870)
IssueWilliam II o Württemberg
Full name
Katherina Friederike Charlotte
FaitherWilliam I o Württemberg
MitherPauline Therese o Württemberg


On 20 November 1845, Catherine mairit her first cousin, Prince Frederick o Württemberg. He wis a son o Prince Paul o Württemberg an Princess Charlotte o Saxe-Hildburghausen. The marriage wis meant tae strengthen ties atween the main branch o the hoose o Württemberg an the next possible heir tae the throne. As the mairiage seemingly predicted, thay haed ane son, wha wud eventually succeed her childless brither Karl as Keeng o Württemberg.


  1. William II o Württemberg (25 Februar 1848 – 2 October 1921)