Princess Joséphine Charlotte o Belgium

Princess Joséphine Charlotte o Belgium (Joséphine Charlotte Stéphanie Ingeborg Elisabeth Marie-José Marguerite Astrid; 11 October 1927 – 10 Januar 2005) wis Grand Duchess consort o Luxembourg as the wife o Grand Duke Jean. She wis a first cousin of Harald V o Norway. She wis the first bairn o King Leopold III o Belgium, an sister o the late Keeng Baudouin I an umwhile Keeng Albert II an aunt o Keeng Philippe I.

Joséphine Charlotte o Belgium
Joséphine-Charlotte vun der Belsch.jpg
Joséphine Charlotte in 1976
Grand Duchess consort o Luxembourg
Tenur12 November 1964 – 7 October 2000
Born11 October 1927(1927-10-11)
RyalPailace, Brussels, Belgium
Dee'd10 Januar 2005(2005-01-10) (aged 77)
Fischbach Castle, Fischbach, Grand Duchy o Luxembourg
Buirial15 January 2005
Notre-Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
SpouseJean, Grand Duke o Luxembourg (m. 1953)
Full name
Joséphine Charlotte Stéphanie Ingeborg Elisabeth Marie José Marguerite Astrid
FaitherLeopold III o Belgium
MitherPrincess Astrid o Swaden
Coat of arms of Joséphine Charlotte of Luxembourg (Order of Isabella the Catholic).svg


  1. Princess Marie Astrid o Luxembourg (born 17 Februar 1954)
  2. Henri, Grand Duke o Luxembourg (born 16 Aprile 1955)
  3. Prince Jean o Luxembourg (born 15 Mey 1957)
  4. Princess Margaretha o Luxembourg (born 15 Mey 1957)
  5. Prince Guillaume o Luxembourg (born 1 Mey 1963)