Princess Eleonore o Lobkowicz

Princess Eleonore o Lobkowicz (Eleonore Elisabeth Amalia Magdalena; 20 Juin 1682 – 5 Mey 1741) wis a member o the Princely Hoose o Lobkowicz bi birth, an a Princess o Schwarzenberg bi mairiage. She wis sometimes cried "Eleonore von Schwarzenberg"

Princess Eleonore o Lobkowicz
Princess o Schwarzenberg
Maximilian Hannel – Eleonore von Schwarzenburg.jpg
Princess Eleonore in hunting dress wi her son, Joseph
Full name
Eleonore Elisabeth Amalia Magdalena von Lobkowitz
Born20 Juin 1682
Dee'd5 Mey 1741(1741-05-05) (aged 58)
Palais Schwarzenberg, Vienna
Noble faimilyLobkowicz (bi birth)
Schwarzenberg (bi mairiage)
Spoose(s)Adam Franz Karl Eusebius, Prince o Schwarzenberg
FaitherPrince Ferdinand August o Lobkowicz, Duke o Sagan
MitherPrincess Maria Anne Wilhelmine o Baden-Baden


On 6 December 1701 Princess Eleonore mairit the Austrian Hofmarschall, Adam Franz Karl Eusebius, Hereditary Prince (an later Prince) o Schwarzenberg. Eleonore wis considered a cultivated woman, an her an her husband's wealthy an cultured lifestyle wis aften displayed at coort. Thay haed issue.


  1. Princess Maria Anna o Schwarzenberg (1706–1755) mairit Louis George, Margrave o Baden-Baden.
  2. Joseph I, Prince o Schwarzenberg (1722–1782) mairit Princess Maria Theresia o Liechtenstein.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 20 Juin 1682 – 6 December 1701 Princess Eleonore o Lobkowicz.
  • 6 December 1701 – 1703 Her Serene Highness The Hereditary Princess o Schwarzenberg.
  • 1703 – 1732 Her Serene Highness The Princess of Schwarzenberg.
  • 1732 – 5 Mey 1741 Her Serene Highness The Princess Dowager o Schwarzenberg.

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