Princess Eleonora o Savoy

Princess Eleonora o Savoy (Eleonora Maria Teresa; 28 Februar 1728 – 14 August 1781) wis a Princess o Savoy, the eldest dochter o Charles Emmanuel III o Sardinie an his second wife Polyxena o Hesse-Rotenburg. She died unmairit an haed nae childer. There were negoiation tae mairy Louis, Dauphin o Fraunce, son an heir o Louis XV but the union niver occurred he instead mairit Infanta Maria Teresa o Spain. She wis named in honour o her maternal grandmither Eleonore o Löwenstein-Wertheim.

Eleonora o Savoy
Princess o Savoy
Princess Eleonore Marie of Savoy.png
Princess Eleonora bi Domenico Duprà.
Born28 Februar 1728(1728-02-28)
Ryal Pailace, Turin
Dee'd14 August 1781(1781-08-14) (aged 53)
Castle o Moncalieri, Turin
BuirialRyal Basilica, Superga, Turin
Full name
Eleonora Maria Teresa di Savoia
FaitherCharles Emmanuel III o Sardinie
MitherPolyxena o Hesse-Rotenburg
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