Princess Anne Thérèse o Savoy

Princess Anne Thérèse o Savoy (1 November 1717 – 5 April 1745) wis a Princess o Savoy born in Paris, Fraunce. She was the second wife o Charles de Rohan, Prince o Soubise, a friend o Louis XV. Louis Antoine de Bourbon, Duke o Enghien wis a descedant o Anne Thérèse. Though born in Paris she wis a member o the Italian Hoose o Savoy so in Italian her name wis Anna Teresa di Savoia, but as a result o living in Fraunce she wis kent as "Anne Thérèse". She wis a sister o Prince Louis Victor o Carignano, an thus aunt o the murdered Princesse de Lamballe. She died in childbirth in Paris aged 27.

Anne Thérèse o Savoy
Princess o Soubise
Anna Teresa di Savoia, Principessa di Soubise.jpg
Anne Thérèse bi an unknown artist.
Born1 November 1717(1717-11-01)
Hôtel de Soissons, Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd5 Apryle 1745(1745-04-05) (aged 27)
Hôtel de Soubise, Paris, Fraunce
SpouseCharles de Rohan, Prince o Soubise
IssueVictoire, Duchess o Montbazon
Full name
Anna Teresa di Savoia
HooseSavoy (Carignano branch bi birth)
Rohan (bi mairiage)
FaitherVictor Amadeus, Prince o Carignano
MitherMaria Vittoria o Savoy


Princess Anne wis born in Paris during the Regency o Philippe d'Orléans, Duke o Orléans an wis the only dochter o the Prince an Princess o Carignano. Her mither wis an illegitimate dochter o Victor Amadeus II an his French mistress Jeanne Baptiste d'Albert. Her parents haed fled Savoy to avoid the debts they haed accumulated there.


Princess Anne mairit Charles de Rohan, Prince o Soubise in Saverne on 6 November 1741.


  1. Victoire de Rohan (28 December 1743 – 20 September 1807) mairit Henri Louis de Rohan, Prince o Guéméné an haed issue.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 1 November 1717 – 6 November 1741 Princess Anna Teresa o Savoy.
  • 6 November 1741 – 5 Aprile 1745 The Princess o Soubise.

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