Princess Alexandrine o Proushie (1915–1980)

Princess Alexandrine Irene o Proushie (Alexandrine Irene; 7 Apryle 1915 – 2 October 1980) wis the youngest dochter an bairn o Wilhelm, German Croun Prince, an Cecilie o Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Her grandparents were Wilhelm II, German Emperor an his wife Augusta Victoria o Schleswig-Holstein, an Frederick Francis III o Mecklenburg-Schwerin an Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna o Roushie. Alexandrine wis a member o the Hoose o Hohenzollern.

Princess Alexandrine o Proushie
Wilhelm and Alexandrine.jpg
Princess Alexandrine wi her faither Croun Prince Wilhelm pictured in 1934
Born7 Apryle 1915(1915-04-07)
Croun Prince's Pailace, Berlin, Kinrick o Proushie, Empire o Germany
Dee'd2 October 1980(1980-10-02) (aged 65)
Starnberg, Bavarie, West Germany
BuirialHohenzollern Castle Crypt, Hohenzollern Castle, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany
Full name
Alexandrine Irene
FaitherWilhelm, German Croun Prince
MitherPrincess Cecilie o Mecklenburg-Schwerin