Prince o Carignano

Coat o airms o the Prince o Carignano aa a Prince o Savoy.

The Prince o Carignano wis a teetle gien tae Prince Thomas Francis o Savoy, himsel the youngest son o Charles Emmanuel I o Savoy an Caterina Micaela o Austrick. Thomas Francis mairit Marie de Bourbon (a cousin o Louis XIII who wis a Princess o the French ryal bluid, so the couple settled in Paris. Thomas Francis' descandants included the Princesse de Lamballe an three Kings o Sardinie frae 1831 tae 1861, an aa kings o Italy frae 1861 until the dynasty's deposition in 1946. It would become a cadet branch o the Hoose o Savoy. Prince Emmanuel Philibert bult the Palazzo Carignano in Turin. The last Prince o Carignano wis Charles Albert o Sardinie who wis aa Keeng o Sardinie.

Princes o CarignanoEedit

  1. Prince Thomas Francis o Savoy (21 December 1596 – 22 Januar 1656) mairit Marie de Bourbon, Coontess o Soissons.
  2. Prince Emmanuel Philibert o Savoy (20 August 1628 – 23 Aprile 1709) mairit Maria Angela Caterina d'Este
  3. Prince Victor Amadeus o Savoy (1 Mairch 1690 – 4 Aprile 1741) mairit Vittoria Francesca o Savoy (illegitimate dochter o Victor Amadeus II an The Coontess o Verrua)
  4. Prince Louis Victor o Savoy (25 September 1721 – 16 December 1778) mairit Princess Christine o Hesse-Rotenburg.
  5. Prince Victor Amadeus o Savoy (31 October 1743 – 10 September 1780) mairit Princess Joséphine o Lorraine.
  6. Prince Charles Emmanuel o Savoy (31 October 1743 – 10 September 1780) mairit Princess Maria Christina o Saxony.
  7. Prince Charles Albert o Savoy (2 October 1798 – 28 Julie 1849) mairit Maria Theresa o Austrick, reigned as Keeng o Sardinie frae Aprile 1831 tae Mairch 1849.

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